Hi! My name is Kaitlynn Cate. I am a proud new beginner to blogging. I am original, and definitely unpredictable. I will be posting twice a week. Specific days have not yet been decided as this is really new to me. So allow me to first tell you a little about me.

  1. I live in the United States (would love to travel else were sometime)
  2. I have other social media, Facebook-Kaitlynn Donna Cate, Instagram-Cate_girl, PSN-bluepandahugs (BTW this is PlayStation Network for those who didn’t know.)
  3. I am really eccentric
  4. Animals and nature are my passion
  5. I love music, (rock, metal, indie)
  6. I have very strange world views.
  7. I love DIYS
  8. I love Q&As
  9. My favorite drinks would include-strawberry soda, and Coke
  10. My favorite candy is-heath bars, or gummy bears.
  11. I love to bake.
  12. I love to meet new people.

Enough about me, lets answer some other questions you might be storming up in your head right now.

  • Why Blog? Answer: Blogging lets you connect with the outside world with what you know and what you are learning. Blogging also lets you clear your mind, while getting thoughts and ideas from others. Blogging improves your writing. I always thought my writing was fine and going through school made my writing decent, but blogging expresses you to really think about what your writing. It helps you to really get those creative juices flowing. Blogging helps boost your confidence. All in all, its something great to start.
  • Why the website name, chaotickaitlynn. Answer: I am very off the wall, rambuncious, and a little chaotic. Ill always keep you on your toes and wondering what im going to do next.
Be original, spunky, creative, and inspire others

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  1. Hi, Kaitlynn, nice to meet you. Welcome to blog world! I am sure you will enjoy this new adventure. Oh, and thanks for the follow :)…. Thomas


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