Sneak Peak on Women’s Secrets!

Today I would like to address that women are not what men think we are. We are not always the proper, well groomed, mannered, and socially acceptable.

  1. We slouch! The fact that today’s world thinks women should have good posture is insane. Yes when we go out, we have great posture. But behind closed doors in our own home or just around people we are comfortable with our posture falters. So for you guys out there going on dates with us, thinking we have this magnificent posture all the time, you are mistakenly wrong.

  2. We are hairy! Yes around the male gender we keep shaved, but its such a hassle. In the winter time when I don’t wear shorts for a long period of time my legs become mammoths! Plus the constant pain of shaving and waxing!

  3. When we are madly in love or are seeing someone we become obsessed with your smell! When we ask for your jacket other than we are cold, we secretly smell it. We love the males scent. I personally love going to Dillard’s just to smell the men’s cologne.

  4. We are not insulted in the slightest by those catcalls from construction workers, as long as they aren’t rude or nasty. It’s kind of flattering. We also like it when you get a little jealous, to a degree. Not in an irrational or psycho way, just a bit to show you’re protective and you care.

  5. We fart! Yes we do it! Weather you want to except it or not, it happens!

These are just a few of the many that we have. So you could say that we are very interesting creatures! Just take the time to get to know us and we will surprise you more and more.



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