Casual OOTD!

So today, I ventured in my closet trying to find something super casual and comfy. Then to myself I thought, can you be cute and comfy? The answer is YES! Most of the time casual comfy wear can be a bit drab. But who says we cant spice some things up a bit?

The weather was marvelous today with just a minor wind chill. Witch is very strange for February don’t you think? So I decided to look through my jackets. I wanted something comfy but fashionable. Soon I found one that suited just my needs.

Next mission was to find some super stretchy comfortable jeans. Mission impossible right!? Well after digging through many drawers and distraught piles of clothes, I found a pair.

Next was a subtle, calm color for an undershirt. Beige is always calming and cool so that’s what I went with.

The last stop was a comfortable pair of black boots. I choose my favorite pair.

Wait! I almost forgot the most important part! JEWELRY!

The necklace is made by Disney Designs from Hot Topic.

The jacket is made by BKE outerwear from Buckle.

The boots are made by B.C from Cates Pharmacy.


Screenshot_2016-02-01-15-56-40-1 (1)



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