Ashley and Apache

I have this wonderful friend and I just thought Id share her amazing relationship with her horse Apache with all of you. I decided to sit down and ask her questions to better understand the connection that they share.

Q: How would you describe Apache?

A:  He is definitely unique. I say that because he would rather be around me than other horses and gets depressed if I can’t see home atleast once a week since he stays out at my grandpas. It sounds crazy that a horse can seem depressed but he will show signs of it. He will stay away from the other horses and when grandpa will go out to feed him, he will just mope around.

Q: Do you agree that horses have a very high intelligence level and why?

A: Yes I do believe that because they listen very well and they let you ride them. I mean they have to be smart to learn how to deal with people on them. Horses have small brains but can obtain a lot of training material. I believe that they are very smart animals.


Q: Could your horse be your therapy?

A:  Yes. He is my escape from everybody and after being around his, I feel a lot better.

Q: What made you so interested in horses?

A: My grandpa has had horses ever since I was born and I have always been really close to him. I got into them because I wanted to share his passion with him!


Q: What is your favorite part about caring for a horse?

A: The peace of mind that if I take care of them they will keep me safe during a ride or while I am around them.

Q: How has Apache inspired you?

A: He has inspired me to become not only a better rider but a more experienced trainer because with a little bit of work anything is possible!


Q: What is your favorite thing about Apache?

A: He is very protective of me and will do anything for me. It doesn’t matter who is around me if he thinks they will hurt me, he will stand between me and that person and won’t let them get near me. He has made people get away from me but never hurt anyone.

Q: Has Apache taught you any vital lessons?

A: He has taught me that you can put trust into an animal if you make the right connections with them. Every animal is different just like people but if you connect just right with them you can trust that they won’t hurt you.


Q: If you are new to horses what are the five needs to knows?

A: Cost is a big thing. Horses need food, water, shelter, medication and tools. You need to make sure you can afford them. •Food is another big factor. There are several different types of food horses can have but its your job to find the right type of food for your horse. • Space is an issue too. You need approximately 3-5 acres of land per horse so they can graze on grass year round and not run out. •You will also need tools for your horse such as brushes, hoof picks for their feet, and blankets to keep them warm in the winter. • Last but not least is Companionship. If you are a calm person then you need a calm horse. However if you are a spunky up beat person then you need a horse that likes to go faster speeds. Horses are just like humans they need someone to be around them and love them too.

Q: Have you put Apache in any shows or races?

A: I have put him in one horse show in which he did really good in for not being your typical show horse and I have also put him in one barrel racing competition. He did really good in it for not being around all of the lights, people and other distractions. I hope to put him in more barrel racing events this coming summer and fall.

I hope you enjoyed her love and passion for her horse. I can only imagine having a connection with an animal as strong as this one. Ashley inspires so many people and will inspire many more.


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