I grew up in a very small town. I was raised by my grandparents till I was about thirteen. Growing up as a kid, school was hard for me. The desire to be accepted and to fit in was a high demand. Bullying was one of the many problems I faced in life as well. Weight problems and self insiqurities soon began to eat me up. Around the age of 15 and 16 I formed depression. Battling it became a hassle and soon moving on became hopeless. But as I grew older I managed to overcome it by surrounding my self with loving and supporting people.


As I grew up I began to realize that I did not want to thought of as a follower or never remembered. I began to form my own since of fashion and style. Doing odd and different things in style intrigued me. I soon began up-cycling old clothes, and doing many DIYS. My hairstyles began to change and become more original and not “plane jane.”


I formed an attachment to nature, animals, and photography. New music likes began to form as well. As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I love rock, metal, and indie music.

I love fashion, video games, reading, and drawing.

10268917_827800320669113_1909173024_n  10979517_426447107529537_1862486325_n

I am going to be posting a lot of interesting things on my blog. The main thing I want is feedback and ideas from my viewers 🙂



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